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     Dhorn Taksinwarajan and Kawirat Saimek are classically trained pianists growing up in Bangkok. Both artists have combined experiences of presenting and performing internationally as musicians, improvisers, actors, composers, educators, visual artists, and writers. Their experiences combined include collaborations with interdisciplinary colleagues in various fields. While studying for bachelor degrees, Dhorn co-founded Ensemble Laboratory, a mixed-instrument contemporary music ensemble which arose to the opportunity to perform in Bangkok Art Biennale 2018, by that time Kawirat was invited to perform alongside the ensemble and they kept working together since. They also worked with children in remote areas of Tak and Chiang Mai Provinces of Thailand and have experienced first-hand on how music activities can improve the well-being of the community. The two share similarities in taste of music and were inspired to make their own music group, Pink Sky Orcas, which created music through mediums of various styles and structured improvisations to communicate their thoughts on current topics. 




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