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Bangkok, like any other city, was imagined before it was made a reality, this place was made capital around the baroque era in the west. We chose to make this 'fake baroque' music to begin imagining Bangkok and invite you to this imagined city.  

Drowning Bangkok

Myths and rituals has always been part of Bangkok. One of the myths we heard about the most throughout our childhoods were the story of how Bangkok would sink in the future, both from the supernatural and scientific sources. Now that myth is coming true. Water rises from Global Warming while Bangkokians are already drowning in faiths of religions and other weird beliefs.

Mermaid Feedback

Bangkok has drown. Pink Sky Orcas imagine the city underwater, and Bangkokians evolving into mermaids through feedback sounds and other electronic effects.

The Shore

Taratawan Krue-On

Pink Sky

Our first composition took the theme of the famous 'Loy Krathong' song composed in the 1940s to discuss the effects of the festival that was supposed to be an apology to the goddess of water, the source of life, but ending up being harmful to the source of life instead. 

Catalogue d'Oiseaux, VIII. L'Alouette Calandrelle

Olivier Messiaen

We chose this classical piece to imitate the organic sounds of birds living in the urban area, in a conversation with Anant Narkkong about birds' socialising on the electrical wires. 



Contrasting the organic sounds, the piece portrays noise pollution Bangkokians face everyday through various sounds. We roams thee city dismissing these actual health hazards without realising it. The piece is in collaboration with Weerapong Donlakhon who gives the appropriate reactions to these sounds.

Symphony No. 5

Ludwig Van Beethoven


Having the exact same rhythmic motive as the Morse code letter V, Beethoven's Symphony No. 5 was used to signify the victory of the Allied forces over the Axis at the end of World War II. Having the exact same melodic motive as the 7-ELEVEN door, the piece was used again in this performance to signify the victory of capitalism.    


The Wind is Still

Pink Sky Orcas reflect PM 2.5 through improvisation on both piano and the lyrics.

Overture from "Le Nozze di Figaro"

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Le Nozze di Figaro was revolutionary. It was one of the first play where the servants were smarter than the masters. This eventually led to the spark of the French Revolution. Pink Sky Orcas chose this piece to present equality while composing their own section with serialism to portray equality in the 12 pitches as well.   

Quartuor pour la fin du temps, V. "Louange à l'Éternité de Jésus"

Olivier Messiaen

Messiaen wrote this wonderful piece of music when he was locked in the concentration camp. The 5th movement expresses the idea of the eternity of the word Jesus. We overlap the movement with the eternity of inequality Thais are facing from the everlasting monarchy. 

Instru(me)nt, Garden

Khetsin Chuchan








Before reflecting on Bangkok for the last time in the performance, Pink Sky Orcas take a short time to reflect on themselves through a piece composed by one of their good friends, Khetsin Chuchan.

Bangkok Through Crusty Frames

Anant Narkkong

Warinart Pitukwongwan

Santi Lawrachawee

Kajornsak Kittimathaveenan



Pink Sky Orcas


Chamamas Kaewbuadee

Yanini Pongpakatien

Technical Director

Kronchai Meevong

Lighting Designer

Palita Sakulchaivanich

Motion Graphic

Pink Sky Orcas

Pattarapol Sukvajeeporn

Guest Composers

Taratawan Krue-on

Khetsin Chuchan

Graphic Designer

Issaree Thammakumpee

Special Thanks

Asst. Prof. Anothai Nitibhon, Ph.D.

Jean-David Caillouët

Anant Narkkong

Warinart Pitukwongwan

Santi Lawrachawee

Kajornsak Kittimathaveenan

Kanharat Leamthong

Chol Janepraphaphan

Asst. Prof. Nootnapang Chumdee

Weerapong Donlakhon

Niratda Manochart

Pichamon Nimana

Supparang Sujarit

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